The Zapo Group - Invest in Your Future

Zapo's goal is to enable many individuals with small contributions to become future shareholders. This way, as a Contributor, you participate in the growth and share in financial benefits in return with management and all members.

Our Private Membership Offer is promoting Zapo VCC as a vehicle for the expansion of the Zapo Group businesses.

Participate in the Earnings Growth of Zapo

About Zapo VCC Crypto

The ZapoVCC is the financial vehicle for the Zapo Group. Zapo VCC's represent the value for each member's account, and can be converted in full value to become a Zapo Shareholder with all Shareholder Benefits when qualified.

The Zapo Group represents multiple Internet based services (Zapo Crypto Trading Pool, Zapo Gold/Silver Trading Pool (coming soon), Zapo Cash Opportunity, Zapo Casino, Zapo Classified, Zapo Directory, and more), giving our Members the opportunity to use and expand their Marketing reach for their Business & Service worldwide, as well as expanding their contacts using the Zapo World Directory.

Opportunity to become part owner in the Zapo Group company as Shareholder.

Exponential increase potential of your contribution amount

Secured crypto funds in offline hard vaults.

Multiple benefits available for all VCC members.

Purchase your Zapo Membership with $1,000 or more and

1. You will receive all benefits as Zapo Member

Remember, Zapo is Member owned. The Zapo Group offers multiple services to generate increased value of all Zapo VCC. The Zapo Group strategy is uniquely designed in form that every Vested Member is also Owner/Shareholder and participates in ALL REVENUE SOURCES

The Zapo VCC is issued with an initial value of $0.01 and a potential value increase over three years which is the earliest redemption period. Members can purchase additional Zapo VCC to increase the value of their own portfolio.

2. You will receive a qualified Entry placed into the Zapo Cash Opportunity

Zapo Cash Opportunity delivers what others promised. You do NOT pay any money to participate! Discover how Zapo's strategy can generate growing returns for you.

Be active - Participate! NO Recruiting or Sponsoring with Zapo

3. You will receive Lifetime Access in the Zapo Casino

The Zapo Crypto Casino offers Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Dice, 2 version of Slot games. With your Zapo Membership you receive lifetime access to all Zapo Casino games.

Every month your Casino account receives 20,000 credits. At the end of each month the top winning members will receive an allocation of Crypto Currencies, placed into their wallet for withdrawal. All accounts will reset with 20,000 credits to play and win at your leisure. Should you lose all credits, just wait until next months and your account is refilled with 20,000 credits again



Your opportunity to be a part of it. Zapo is for people:

  • Interested in Crypto’s and a Wealth Building opportunity
  • Have Limited funds to find a solid entry opportunity
  • No Time in managing/trading Crypto currencies.
  • No Time in managing/trading Precious Metals (2020).
  • Participate in the Company's Earnings Growth
  • Become a Shareholder and participate in all Revenue sources
  • Start with small amounts and build your assets over time


Zapo's future plans include incorporating the business as a Closed Corporation, adding a P2P Member Lending and P2P exchange platform, a Directory listing for businesses, and more


Zapo Members will receive a paid entry into the Zapo Cash Opportunity, a unique designed strategy that can pay you $1,000's in Bitcoin!

Zapo Members will receive benefits generated through multiple sources, such as the Zapo Trading Pools, as well as company share certificates with future value, growth sharing, to benefit vested members.

Benefit and Grow with Zapo

Zapo Trading Pool:

Zapo Members will receive benefits generated through multiple sources, such as revenues generated in the Zapo Crypto Currency Trading Pool, (Precious Metal & Commodities planned 2020), as well as revenues in form of company share certificates with future value, growth sharing, to benefit vested members.

Zapo is "Disruptive":

Have you heard about - "DISRUPTIVE"
It is used as a descriptor of anything that totally changes the old rules. Zapo is "disruptive" to the traditional way of opportunities, with a low Membership payment!

ZapoCash Systems:

ZapoCash Opportunity exclusively available only for Zapo Group Members
Discover how this unique multi-phase strategy can pay you $1,000's in Bitcoin! There is NO Sponsor or Recruiting requirement! Every Zapo Members receives a fully qualified entry into the ZapoCash Opportunity..

Our method and vision

Zapo VCC Opportunity:

Zapo VCC is the verified asset based on the Member's financial contribution. Member contribution starts at $1,000 for the one-time Membership fee. Member will receive multiple benefits and funds will further increase the growth value of all Zapo assets

Zapo Crypto Casino:

Zapo Casino - Every Zapo Member receives Lifetime access to play favored Casino games, like Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Dice, a Crypto Coins and a Standard version of Slot games. At the end of each month the top winning members will receive an allocation of Crypto Currencies. Every months the accounts reset to start with 20,000 credits. .

Zapo Today and Tomorrow:

Zapo Business Directory, Zapo Crypto Charts, Zapo Classified are here Today.
Zapo Tomorrow plans include incorporating the business as a Closed Corporation, adding a P2P Member Lending and P2P exchange platform, a Directory listing for businesses who accept Crypto Currencies, and more.

The main issue

of decentralizing decision-making and transparency and reliability

Other people or corporations owning any part of our digital identity leads to exploitation of our privacy and attention. We don’t own our virtual identities, other things or people do. We don’t profit from our personal data, privacy or attention, other things or people do. We are subjugated, exploited and put to work by Multi-Billion dollar enterprises who profit from our participation. A digital asset bank where all this information is yours – you become the only person in the world who owns their holistic virtual identity and you can use it to unlock value that was previously impossible.


Introducing Zapo VCC Usercenter

Our usercenter design is most user friendly, which helps you to view and manage your VCC engagement.

Safe & Secure Transactions
Encrypted and Kept Private
Multiple Payment Gateway
Fast simple KYC Verification

VCC Crypto
VCC Economics

ZapoVCC is your investment for your future. Full details of the VCC can be found within the platform.

10,000,000 Total VCC supply
9,000,000 Hardcap (VCC)
7,500,000 Softcap (VCC)
9,000,000 VCC for PubliC
BTC, LTC, ETH Accepted Currency

Bonus Details

150000+ VCC 2% Bonus
500000+ VCC 4% Bonus
1000000+ VCC 9% Bonus
Funds Allocation
  • VCC Sale Program 5%
  • VCC Trading Pool 75%
  • ZapoCash allocation 10%
  • Administration 4%
  • Program system Development 3%
  • Marketing and Bounty 3%
VCC Stages & Zapo Businesses
  • VCC Member Rate 1 10,000.000 VCC @ $0.01
  • VCC Member Rate 2 8,000.000 VCC @ $0.02
  • VCC Member Rate 3 4,000.000 VCC @ $0.03
  • Zapo VIP Group Members are Shareholders
  • Zapo Crypto Storage Stealth mode secured
  • Zapo Crypto Casino site Revenue Generating casino
  • Zapo Crypto Trading Pool Assets Growth
  • Zapo Gold Trading Pool (coming) Assets Growth
  • Multiple Zapo Business websites Revenue Generating Growth


Our roadmap is planned where we take on complex problems and turn them into great solutions

Active Zapo Services

Several Zapo Services are active since January 2019, Zapo Cash opened 3 Q - 2019, more new services/website businesses are being added.


Two options to Join and FAQs

1. Join Zapo Membership with minimum $1,000 (receive VCC in your account) Accumulate over time with added contribution sufficient value in your portfolio to become eligible to be vested as a shareholder in the company (optional choice).

2. If you are interested to join Zapo as Shareholder directly, requires a minimum initial contribution of $5.000 in VCC purchases. To become a vested Partner, your account profile must include a completed KYC form . If your request as partner/shareholder is not accepted by the Founder Member board, your contribution will be returned in full, or allocated into the ZapoPool upon your request.

3. Founder Position: contact US for details and availability (minimum $10,000)

Zapo is a Member Owned Business of multiple associated websites in diverse business services, as well as Crypto and Precious Metals Trading activities, with a Benefits system to grow wealth assets for every Member. Upon future incorporation, every vested Member will receive Owner Certificates based on the then valid paid Member's contribution.

Zapo services include:
Zapo Crypto Currency Trading Pool
Zapo Gold/Silver Trading Pool (2021)
Zapo Casino
Extensive Crypto Currency Compare Charts
Zapo Exchange (2021)
Zapo Member Lending Platform (2021 depending on funding)

Every Zapo Partner receives the following benefits:
- Zapo does not offer any Referral or Recruiting Bonus or any other remuneration. It is strictly word of mouth and personal Invitation.
- The Zapo Pools will grow with every Member contribution. We will trade only with premium crypto coins, to increase the value and assets, which will be reflected in future value of the Zapo VCC.
- If you like, sign up with the Zapo Crypto Casino, win or loose. Remember, its free for Members, and system resets every months with 20,000 credits, rewards for top leader every month in Coins
- A crypto compare chart will be installed with live currency rates, so you can always review what value your crypto coins present.
- Zapo plans to introduce a P2P lending platform and a P2P Crypto Exchange platform.
- We are working with Premium providers to establish services like Website Hosting, website design, video creation with Avatars, at economical rates for Members. More to come...
- Corporate Shareholder ownership when vested.

You may add additional funds by purchasing more VCC to enhance your future earnings and growth on your portfolio. You also may purchase additional shares in the corporation if available.

Nothing! You are a Partner in the company, and as long as you hold your VCC or shares you will participate in the overall revenues. As long as you have Zapo VCC in your Zapo account, they will accumulate added value through the trading pool.
You have to be a Partner for at least 3 years to become fully vested and participate in the Company growth revenue and shares distribution, which are in addition to Zapo VCC earnings in the Zapo Pools.
All Zapo VCC will be available to you as listed in the Redemption Terms, at an exchange value based on the date you start redemption. If the value has increased to $.10 per VCC as example, then that will be your available amount at time of redemption.

Zapo VCC - Accept manual payments PayPal/Credit Cards & Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BNB, Ripple, Tron, Stellar, Tether) from contributors.

Zapo has developed a solid business strategy to limit the risk of money loss.
1. Admin fee to cover all operational cost
2. Placement of Crypto Currency in secured offline vaults.
3. Placement in Zapo Pools with selected quality crypto coins. Zapo VCC can be redeemed as set in Redemption schedule at future value.

Zapo VCC stands for Zapo Virtual Credit Certificate
Zapo VCC is our Private Offer to participate in the growth of Zapo and earn returns. It is designed to offer participation with small entry contribution and if desired increase your portfolio assets over time. Contribution can be as low as $1,000. The VCC rate will increase during the next two Stage levels in 2021 and 2022.
When you have accumulated sufficient Zapo VCC value, you can, at your option, apply to become a registered shareholder and become fully vested in the company. At that time your VCC will be exchanged for value in Corporate shares.

Based on revenues generated by ALL services and businesses within the Zapo Group as well as one of the main revenue sources - the trading activities within the Zapo Pools. Therefore the value of each VCC (original set at $0.01 per VCC, increasing 2nd year minimum $0.02, 3rd year minimum $0.03 per VCC) depending on assets in Zapo Pool and Revenues, an increase to potentially much higher value.

Zapo Pool - is a "trading/holding strategy" with a variety of selected Crypto Coins. Those coins (like Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other quality and stable coins) will be purchased for trading and safekeeping, and the Zapo Group revenues. The Zapo Pool of all accumulated Crypto Coins will enhance and increase the value of the Pool assets, and increase the value of the corporation and VCC holders.
At a later date we will add a Zapo Precious Metal Trading Pool, such as Gold and Silver or actual physical products as well as option trades

Your Zapo VCC wallet will show your VCC amount in the "Member area". Please also read the FAQ about "Withdrawal".
The Zapo VCC are restricted to exchange based on the listed Redemption terms. The Zapo mission is to grow the assets and values in the Zapo Pools for the benefits of all Members. Therefore a redemption schedule is placed on ALL VCC before you are able to withdraw the assets. However, you are not required to withdraw, rather leave your VCC in the Zapo Pool to further increase the value for future withdrawal.
Upon incorporation of Zapo and you are eligible to convert to become a Shareholder, you can select to keep a portion of your VCC in the Zapo Pools, which will follow the Redemption schedules. Your converted VCC will receive Value in Shareholder Certificates which fall under the then available Shareholder Selling Condition. Such Condition will be available to you before you make a decision to convert all or part of your VCC into Shareholder Capital.
Shareholder Certificates are bound by the Rules and regulations as set in the Corporation Regulations.

Every Partner has a different date they joined, as well as added additional funds via Zapo VCC offer. Such date is recorded in internal accounting program. Such date determines the start date for the Redemption or Lock-Up periods, which is set in the Redemption Schedule (next FAQ).
When you are eligible by contributed amount, and optional decide to convert your VCC into full value Shareholder Certificates, follow future announcements or contact us for details at such time

The Redemption schedule is based on each Partner/Member's "Join" date. A so-called "Lock-Up" or Redemption period was designed, to let the funds "work" in the Zapo Pools and increase their value over time. The Zapo Pool is designed for a long term strategy to enhance the future returns and values for its Members. Redemption is not forced, only when requested by a Member, with any amount up to the then set maximum available.
The schedule is set and cannot be changed for any cause or reason. Their is no requirement to exercise redemption at such dates, Member can chose any time thereafter, or keep all Zapo VCC for future exchange. The "Lock-Up" or "Redemption" is set over several time intervals as follows:
Max 10% Zapo VCC available after 36 months from "Join" date.
Max 15% Zapo VCC available after 42 months from "Join" date.
Max 15% Zapo VCC available after 45 months from "Join" date.
Max 25% Zapo VCC available after 48 months from "Join" date.
Max 35% Zapo VCC available after 60 months from "Join" date.

The ZapoCryptoCasino offers Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Dice, 2 version of Slot games. It is free to play for ALL zapo Members. After you joined Zapo VCC and have completed a minimum purchase of $250 of VCC, you are eligible to get free access to the Zapo Casino.
Every month your account resets with 20,000 credits. At the end of each month the top winning members will receive an allocation of Crypto Currencies, for withdrawal or exchange for VCC to add into their ZapoVCC account. All accounts will reset with 20,000 credits to play and win at your leisure. Should you lose all credits, just wait til next months and your account is refilled with 20,000 credits again.

Tough Luck. Zapo does not pay any Referral Bonus. Invite your family and friends, Business associates will assist to grow the business services and Trading Pool funds. Therefore your "bonus" is the growth in your VCC value. You are now a Business Partner with Zapo and invite others to become a Business Partner with you for mutual growth.

A: We manage the Zapo Trading Pools to maximize growth;
B: Asset growth;
C: Become a shareholder in a growing business
D: Get a paid position in the ZapoCash opportunity

You are a ZAPO when you have registered a complete profile, including completion of the KYC files, and made your initial Member payment with any of the available options.
You are a Verified ZAPO and become certified to receive Ownership privileges, when you have $1,500+ in VCC assets in your Member account, and minimum of 1 year membership.

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